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Brewing Away a Hot Summer Day

Have you read our "Brewing Away A January Day"?! If so, these 2 blogs go hand in hand, except this one is for a hot summer August day!

Hit up our local breweries like #trailpointbrewing (If you aren't feeling beer, try their delicious 616 piña colada it's a seltzer made with real fruit!)

#Bierdistillery had a newer beer come out earlier this year called "Fin du Bier"! It has a hint of lemon that is perfect for a summer beer. Not to mention their mouthwatering food that you can pair up with any drink you get!

#Whiteflamebrewing has refreshing raspberry and pineapple seltzer slushies! What more could one ask for on a hot summer day? Not feeling a slushy or beer? Try their Cranberry Manillow, they say it's "Chilled Bright red sweet and fruity - a crowd favorite" sounds like another great summer drink.

- Tori, Marketing Coordinator

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